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N-J-02|Hunting JK

Property Description


Colors. Ecru x KAKISHIBU coating, Black x SUMI coating

Sizes. 1, 2 , 3

Delivery: 31th of August

Lady's model : 165cm / Wearing size 2(KAKISHIBU)

Men's model : 179cm / Wearing size 3(SUMI Black)


**The button on the front opening will be changed to the same leather button

as the top button on the "Black x SUMI coating" ones.


綿100%(綿裏起毛 x レザータ)

Colors. 生成 x 柿渋レザータ, 黒 x 墨染レザータ

Sizes. 1 , 2 , 3

Delivery: 8月15日

Lady's model : 165cm / size 2 着用(柿渋)

Men's model : 179cm / size 3 着用(墨染)


*前開きに付くボタンは「黒 x 墨染レザータ」カラーの


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